It’s a busy world: Organizational tips, hints for families

Life gets busy. There’s school, homework, clubs, sports and so much more. It can easily get overwhelming. Getting and staying organized can help reduce everyday stress.

Here are some tips to help families get organized:

Set up a routine. A set plan for when things need to be completed can help students focus on the task at hand. Established routines make things go more smoothly and make the days more enjoyable.

Get plenty of sleep. A good night’s sleep sets children up for a good day at home and school. Create a bedtime routine and try to stick with it as best you can. During the summer, it’s easy to let children stay up later, but following a consistent bedtime routine now will help your child stay alert and energized during the day.

AgendaCoverUse planners and agendas. Each SCDSB elementary student and most secondary students receive an agenda for the school year, complete with a calendar, important information and a notes section. This is a great tool for homework and assignment planning as well as keeping track of important days and co-curricular activities. Continue reading “It’s a busy world: Organizational tips, hints for families”