Pat Miller

Pat Miller is looking to shake things up.

He wants to help educators challenge the way they think and act. He knows there are trail blazers out there—teachers using current research and educating in new and exciting ways—but he wants more people on that trail.

And that’s the passion he is trying to excite in educators as part of his role as Principal of Innovation in the SCDSB.

In his role, Pat leads a team of 11 teachers who support schools and teachers to create technology-enabled learning environments. As the Principal of Innovation, Pat aims to expand the SCDSB’s ability to deliver technology-rich programming. He wants to build a learning culture where staff and students are open to new ways of thinking and learning.

Pat’s journey in the world of education started later than most. He felt that a career in education was out of reach for him. But an opportunity to get his teaching degree from a school in England arose when Pat was in his late 20s, and he hasn’t looked back since. He feels his struggles as a student  helped him as a teacher and now a principal—he relates with students who are having difficulties, he has an idea of what they’re going through. And he uses his experiences to inspire them.

In addition to innovating, Pat enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He lives in Barrie with his wife and three children.

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