Jessica Kukac

“Learning about our planet through experience instills values of kindness and respect for all things simply because they exist,” is the reasoning behind why Jessica Kukac went into a career in education.Jessica Kukac

Jessica is an Environmental Systems Coordinator at the SCDSB, which leads to a variety of roles and every day being different. One day she is up on a school roof inspecting solar arrays, and then she is conducting a waste audit with a group of students. She is continuously learning about new technology and strategies that will keep our schools energy efficient.

Jessica believes that education is the path to stewardship and can help foster a relationship between the community and our natural planet. The planet is what she is passionate about and it is visible when she engages with students. Watching people experience and learn about nature and have those “ah-ha” moments is what excites her the most.

On the weekends, Jessica loves hiking with her dog Bella. Cooking, baking and spending time with friends and family is usually also on the agenda. During the week she enjoys walking along the lakeshore or paddling out on the lake with her dragon boat team.

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