Deborah McCallum

Deborah McCallum is always looking for new, engaging and exciting ways to motivate students. Teaching is her passion. She loves the theory and the practice–from researching the psychology behind learning to creating her own ‘in school’ publishing house. And a large part of that passion is based in technology.

Deborah works at Guthrie Public School where she is a teacher and a part-time teacher-librarian (one day a week). She has a focus on science & technology and eLearning. She likes to develop project-based learning opportunities that engage students—often with an infusion of technology. She feels that technology needs to be embraced by the education sector and that digital citizenship—behaving responsibly and respectfully in an online environment—and cyber safety should be part any technology lesson.

Deborah has seen how changing digital devices and global communities can help students express themselves creatively and connect with other students and with experts around the world.

This year, Deborah is teaching media literacy with Kindergarten students, science and technology with Grade 3 students and she is running a digital newspaper publishing program with her Grade 8 students.

She hopes to leave behind a Legacy of enabling and empowering students to think outside the box, to use technology to enhance their creativity and to follow their passions in life.

In her spare time she enjoys writing, swimming canoeing and kayaking. But most of all, she enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family—preferably at the cottage.