Alison Golding

Alison insideIt’s easy to see that Alison Golding loves kids just by being in her office. There’s a box of building blocks on the shelf, song lyrics on her desk and the school improvement plan hangs from her office wall. As principal of Nottawasaga & Creemore Public School, she has many responsibilities, but her favourite is working with students and families.

Alison became an administrator faster than she had planned. She originally took the extra courses because she was encouraged to by school leaders, and because she thought it would give her a big-picture perspective of the school system. She wanted to deepen her knowledge—especially related to special education and at-risk youth. She realized though that as a vice-principal she has the opportunity to share her passion more broadly and to potentially help more families.

Since becoming an administrator, Alison has taken on other responsibilities, including becoming a Bridges Out of Poverty facilitator, and serving as co-chair on the Compass Committee for southern Simcoe County, a group that brings together service providers and community agencies to enhance support for youth and families. Alison also leads voluntary book study groups with her staff designed to support continuous learning.

The desire to ensure each student can achieve to their full potential is what drives Alison’s work. She’s an advocate, a champion and a helper, who will go to great lengths to ensure families are supported.

Alison’s focus isn’t on work all the time—but her desire to inspire and help others spills in to her personal life too. In her spare time, Alison leads fitness classes and spends part of her summer volunteering at a camp for children with cancer. She also loves to travel and spend quality time with her friends and family.