Commit to Character: Inclusiveness

The SCDSB’s 10 values are a key part of our commitment to character education. We refer to our values as our character attributes. Each month our schools recognize and celebrate a different attribute. This month on the blog, we are highlighting ‘inclusiveness’.

Inclusiveness: We include everyone in what we do and value their contributions

Some examples of how we can be inclusive are:

  • listen to and consider everyone’s ideas
  • don’t exclude anyone
  • let others join in when playing games
  • don’t discriminate or judge
  • be open to everyone and consider their feelings
  • include everybody!

Some ways that students in our schools learn about and develop inclusiveness include:

  • create a T-chart with Inclusion and Exclusion as column headings. Work with students to complete the chart by listing some of the consequences of each (i.e. hurt feelings, violence, and friendship)
  • encourage students to interview a classmate, a staff member at school or someone within their family circle. Have them focus their questions around the topic of inclusion

“Practice tolerance and live together as good neighbours.” – The United Nations Charter

Learn more about character education in the SCDSB. 

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