“There’s math in that”: CCI combines math and tech in unique initiative

Grade 10 students at Collingwood Collegiate Institute (CCI) are currently participating in a TechnoMath initiative as part of the Ministry of Education’s Renewed Math Strategy.

The project combines learning from two courses: Applied Mathematics and Construction Technology. A collaborative hands-on approach connects student knowledge and understanding of mathematics to construction, and shows them how the two relate to one another.

Doug Czerny, technology teacher at CCI, explains, “in the TCJ20 construction course, students focus on using tools safely and effectively, reading drawings properly with accuracy and attention to detail and also on the environmental impact of residential construction through a variety of ‘real world’ projects like the garden shed project. Exploring both fields of study at the same time helps students understand the scope of the trades and the importance of their future roles in the field.”

“Students have the freedom to pursue special projects and work to connect math concepts to prove that there is indeed math in everything we do,” adds Erik Lehmann, mathematics teacher at CCI.

CCI is the only secondary school in the Simcoe County District School Board to have received this funding.





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