Inspiring deafblind volunteer at Goodfellow PS ensures students eat well

Terence Scott is a 37-year-old volunteer at Goodfellow Public School who makes a big impact in his community, in spite of his deafblind status. With the assistance of his intervener from DeafBlind Ontario Services and a parent volunteer, he bakes muffins for students every week for the school’s Eat Well to Excel breakfast program.

His initiative to help support local children in his community is truly inspiring and the students and staff at Goodfellow Public School are extremely happy to have him as a volunteer.

“Terence has been a wonderful addition to our school community,” says Jennifer Henderson, Vice-Principal, Goodfellow Public School. “Through this partnership and placement he has been supporting our Eat Well to Excel program, but also working on his independence. When he first started, he was really shy, but now he interacts with students and staff regularly. I’m really proud of his progress.”

The goal for this year is to have Terence bake with a student in the morning twice a week.

Terence enjoying a cup of tea at Goodfellow Public School with his intervenor from DeafBlind Ontario Services.
Jennifer Henderson, Vice-Principal, Goodfellow Public School presents Terence with a volunteer certificate.

For someone with the dual disability of deafblindness, finding employment and volunteer opportunities can be challenging. Terence’s interest in volunteering and helping youth matched perfectly with Goodfellow Public School’s volunteer needs, and now the students in the breakfast program have a great start to their school day, thanks to his healthy snacks.

Thank you for all that you, Terence! The students and staff at Goodfellow Public School are lucky to have you.

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