Team Give’r gives back to SCDSB schools

Fans of the Amazing Race Canada, especially those in Collingwood and surrounding area, have a new mantra, and it is more than just a fun word to say. ‘Give’r’ is a reminder from Amazing Race Canada 2017 second place finishers (and Simcoe County District School Board alumni) Kenneth McAlpine and Ryan Lachapelle to give life everything you’ve got, and while doing so, give back as well.

Since the final episode of the show aired in early September, Kenneth and Ryan, or Team Give’r, as they are affectionately known, have been doing just that – giving back to SCDSB elementary and secondary schools where they grew up. In recent weeks they have visited Admiral Collingwood ES, Birchview Dunes ES, Connaught PS, Collingwood Collegiate Institute (CCI), Mountain View ES and Worsley ES to share their experiences on the Amazing Race Canada, and to encourage students to embrace their philosophy. The students are taking their message to heart. For example, Birchview Dunes donated a truckload of food to their local food bank as a result of their Thanksgive’r Food Drive.

“We want kids to be inspired by us, how we ran the race and how we gave it all we got. We were at the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and we never gave up,” stated Kenneth.

Team Give’r attended Admiral Collingwood and Connaught, and met the summer before starting high school at CCI. Since then, they have been “giving it all they’ve got, 100 per cent, full commitment,” said Ryan. “Whether it be your job, your passions in life, anything, just give it your all.”

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