Preparing for the first day of Kindergarten

With the first day of school only a month away, many parents have started thinking about how to prepare. For parents with children starting Junior Kindergarten, there is a new routine to think about, along with what to pack for their child and how to make them feel comfortable about starting a new journey.

The first day for all Junior Kindergarten students in the Simcoe County District School Board is Thursday, September 7.  Here are some helpful tips on what to pack and get ready for the big day:

Be supportive
Some children feel a mix of nerves and excitement about heading back to school. Listen to your child and provide support. Show your child a photo of you on a first day of school and talk about your own experiences. Remind your child about all the caring people at his or her school. Talk about a time when your child overcame anxiety.

Get excited while prepping together
Pick a first-day-of-school outfit together, shop for lunch ingredients and plan the lunch menu for the week. Involving your child in the back-to-school planning can help generate some excitement. During these activities, talk about the great things about school—like seeing and making friends, the new staff members your child will meet, the sports and activities and the interesting things they will learn throughout the year.

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit also has Tips for a Healthy Back to School.

If your child is turning four in 2017 and you haven’t registered them for Kindergarten yet, visit and watch our Kindergarten in the SCDSB video.

You can register over the summer (until Aug. 25) by calling 705-734-6363 x11750 or emailing to schedule an appointment to register in person at the Education Centre in Midhurst. Starting August 28, please contact your home school to register as school offices will re-open that week.

Watch for our upcoming blog post on healthy and fun lunch and snack ideas!

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