School’s in for summer!

Many high school students use the summer break to spend time with friends, work a part-time job or check out the region’s attractions. It may be a surprise to some, but there are a growing number of students who are using their time to get ahead by taking summer school courses.

The structure of summer school has changed over the years; taking a course over the summer doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in a classroom. There are now a variety of ways that students can spend their time learning. Students can take a course online from the comfort of their home, or in a lab, learning about cosmetology or how to play guitar.

The many benefits of participating in summer school include:

  • learning a new skill and gaining a credit at the same time
  • smaller class sizes and more one-on-one time with the teacher
  • flexible learning options – can also take a selection of courses online
  • focused learning on one subject versus several at one time
  • getting ahead and earning credits before the school year starts
  • opportunities to retake a course and improve a mark
  • meeting students from other schools
  • completing fast-track preparation for college or university in just one month
  • earning missed credits

As well, there are opportunities for students to earn a credit and travel at the same time through the EduTravel program. Currently, there are 60 students in Fiji studying biology, 30 students in New York, Washington and Boston studying English, and 350 students travelling to Ottawa, Montreal and New York City studying Civics and Career Studies.

“We have 2,500 students registered in summer school this year, which is the largest number we’ve ever had,” says Tammy Rodaro, vice principal, Adult & Continuing Education. “I think the variety of courses and options for in-class and online has a lot to do with the growing popularity.”

Check out the recent news clip from CTV Barrie regarding the changing landscape of summer school:

CTV News Barrie – Summer school is in session

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