Bear Creek celebrates Canada 150

Over the next few weeks, as we approach Canada’s 150 birthday on July 1, we’re highlighting some of the Canada 150 celebrations at schools across the SCDSB.

If you walk through the halls of Bear Creek Secondary School, you’ll see a display case filled with 150 items representing Canada. From Tim Horton cups, Roots apparel, maple syrup and Inuit carvings, this display case capsules Canadian heritage.

Since the beginning of the year, Bear Creek has been celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary with some impressive projects!

One of the most extraordinary things the school has done is arrange an “Eat Together” event. Inspired by a President’s Choice commercial, over 60 participants gathered to share a meal in the front foyer of the school. The event was so successful that the organizers are considering hosting another Eat Together event in the fall to welcome Grade 9 students and their families to Bear Creek.

Some of the other projects include:

  • 150+ pounds of food donated to the food bank
  • $150 in Canadian Tire money donated to Jump Start
  • 150 pints of blood donated to Canadian Blood services
  • $150 raised from the Winter Ball, all proceeds going to Life Skills
  • 150 books written by Canadian authors read by staff and students
  • 150 bowls of soups prepared by cooking classes donated
  • 150 minutes of spin class completed by staff
  • 150 pillow cases made by fashion classes to be donated to Sick Kids
  • 150 pounds staff weight loss challenge
  • 150 coats donated to Barrie Out of the Cold
  • $150 raised for FNMI Grade 7/8 trip to Toronto
  • 150 blankets/food items donated to Humane Society

Bear Creek will continue their celebrations into December until Canada’s 150th year comes to an end.

Go Canada!

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