Everyday superheroes

From June 5-11 2017, communities across Canada will be celebrating Parachute Safe Kids Week. This year’s theme “everyday superhero” encourages children to become leaders in road safety by learning how to keep themselves and others safe when they walk, bike or wheel.

Want to get involved? Here are some ideas to get you started:

At school:
• Take a picture showing your class’ pledge to be an #everydaysuperhero using Parachute’s online poster
• Create a bulletin board or art display to share road safety messages and honour your everyday superheroes
• Lead a walk around the school neighbourhood and have students identify safe or unsafe things they notice, then challenge them to come up with solutions
• Recruit a team of student leaders to organize school-wide activities to promote and celebrate road safety

In the classroom:
• The Ontario Road Safety resource provides complete lessons for teaching age-appropriate road safety information. Cross-curricular lessons are available for Kindergarten through Grade 12.
• The TD Think First for Kids program teaches children how to think first and play safely to prevent brain and spinal cord injuries. The resources (available in both English and French) meet Ontario curriculum requirements and are endorsed by Curriculum Services Canada.
• Create a free account, or log into Ophea teaching tools to access lesson plans, curriculum supplements and activities on a range of health topics

At home:
• Teach your child the importance of wearing a helmet and how to make sure it fits properly
• Be a good example by wearing a helmet too
• Set clear, age appropriate safety rules and supervise closely. Children under 10 should not ride on the road alone. They need to practice building safety skills in a safe environment with adults around to role-model and supervise.

Join us in celebrating Safe Kids Week. Share your ideas and everyday superhero moments on Twitter @SMHealthySchool using the hashtag #everydaysuperhero.
~ Stephanie Ross RN

Have more questions? Visit the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit’s website www.simcoemuskokahealth.org or call Health Connection at 705-721-7520 or 1-877-721-7520 to speak with a public health nurse.

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