Celebrity chef shows students that cafeteria food can be healthy AND delicious

Celebrity Chef Corbin Tomaszeski and Chartwells School Dining recently undertook a project to add some new, exciting and tasty recipes to Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) high school cafeterias.

Hospitality & Tourism and Culinary Arts classes from SCDSB high schools were invited to create and submit a healthy pasta recipe. The winning recipe, Veggie Mac and Cheese, meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education’s Healthy Food & Beverage policy and was reviewed by Chartwells’ dietitian.

Congratulations to the winning students who created the recipe – Nantyr Shores Secondary School students Ciara Hustler, Sierra Osterhout and Emily Glue.

During the school’s lunch hour on April 21, Nantyr Shores students had the chance to try a number of new recipes, including the winning pasta recipe, mango coleslaw, healthy poutine, chicken and beef savoury pot pies, and a Nanaimo bar dessert. The students gave their immediate feedback on the dishes and the most popular ones will be added to school cafeterias across Simcoe County.

Looks like the students enjoyed the new dishes as most of the food was gone by the end of the hour!


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