SCDSB staff participate in professional learning with the National Council of Canadian Muslims

In February, 100 SCDSB elementary and secondary educators took part in two full-day workshops hosted by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM).  The first day included principals and teachers from elementary and secondary schools in Bradford, Alliston and Innisfil areas and was held at Chris Hadfield PS in Bradford.  The second day, held at the Education Centre in Midhurst, included teachers from the Equity and Inclusion for All inquiry group and other staff.

Participants learned through the following sessions:
  • Islam 101
  • Islamophobia: Impacts in the classroom & our schools
  • Inclusive Schools

“We were thrilled to partner with the NCCM to provide education and training to some of our teaching and administrative staff,” says Daryl Halliday, Superintendent of Education, SCDSB. “Representatives from the NCCM travelled from Ottawa to provide workshops that offered insight and generated important discussions. This is another example of how we are focusing on inclusion and equity for all and on safe environments in our schools.”

The SCDSB will be welcoming the NCCM’s return in May, as all system administrators will be participating in their Islamophobia workshop.

The NCCM is a prominent civil liberties and advocacy organization with over 15 years of professional activism and public service in Canada, working in the areas of human rights and civil liberties, media engagement, public advocacy, community outreach and education.

For more information on workshops provided by the NCCM, please visit:

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