Twin Lakes musical production inspires future students

Twin Lakes Secondary School’s production of Legally Blonde closed its final curtain on Saturday, April 8. Before opening night, the high school hosted two matinee performances for the elementary school students who will one day attend Twin Lakes. Approximately 550 students from eight feeder elementary schools came to the matinee shows.

“The matinees are an excellent time to finalize any details before opening night, but more importantly it provides an opportunity for future students to see some of the ways that you can become involved at Twin Lakes,” says Sally Holdsworth, director.

Holly Kehoe, who played Elle Woods in the production, was once a member of the audience for several elementary school matinees.

“I remember watching Footloose and Thunderglee when I was in Grade 7 and 8 at Harriett Todd Public School,” says Kehoe. “I remember watching the productions and wanting to be up on the stage someday, but never thought I would have enough courage to do so. I recommend to anyone that is interested in being a part of a production to just go for it!  Everyone’s role is important and being part of something like this is so special and rewarding!”

The opportunity to watch the production made a big impact for the Grade 8 students in attendance.

“Coming to see Legally Blonde allows students to see the size and the scope of the Music and Drama departments at Twin Lakes and helps with their transition to high school,” says Karen Ross, Grade 8 teacher, Rama Central Public School.

Kim Varey, a graduate of Twin Lakes and a Grade 7/8 teacher at Brechin Public School, recalls the excitement that the Grade 8 students felt after watching the production.

“A number of students commented on the sets and thought it would be neat to be a part of it from a design and art perspective. A few even noticed the sound and media elements and thought that they would like to contribute technically,” says Varey. “In speaking with one student on the bus ride home, he plays bass guitar and he saw himself possibly having a future role in the pit band.”

Here’s to the next generation of actors, musicians and sound/lighting technicians at Twin Lakes SS!

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