To the moon and back – new Pedometer Project goal is out of this world!

Launched in January 2017 in partnership with Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, the Pedometer Project – Learn to Move, Move to Learn has been a huge success. It has inspired students to move more and sparked meaningful integration of math learning! To date, over 50 million steps have been counted by 21,000 students in 45 SCDSB schools.

Our first goal was to walk the perimeter of Simcoe County –  903 kilometres or 1.2 million steps. It took just a few weeks to reach this goal, so we set our sights on walking across Canada. At 7,471 kilometres and 9.8 million steps, it was a lofty goal, but with the high level of participation from across the board, it was reached and surpassed with flying colours.

“The pedometers have inspired many students to move more,” says Deb Shackell, Innovation IRT – Healthy Active Living K-12. “Our teachers and students have found many creative ways to incorporate pedometer use into their daily learning.”

The next goal is to walk the circumference of the Earth, which is 40,075 kilometres or 52 million steps. Once we’ve achieved that milestone, Laura Jones and Amanda Goodman’s Kindergarten class at Holly Meadows Elementary School have suggested that the next goal be to walk to the moon!

“So many learning opportunities have evolved from this project,” says Anita Simpson, Superintendent of Program and Innovation. “It’s extremely rewarding to see the activities that have been created for the students and the many milestones they have already reached.”

Here are just a few examples that our students, teachers and families have shared on Twitter:

Regent Park PS:
Valentine’s Day Dance-a-thon @RegentParkPS! Our pedometers are getting a work out today! #SCDSBStepUp

Cameron Street PS student:
At bedtime tonight Nolan said, “I am so excited for school tomorrow. I can’t wait to use my pedometer. I love it.”

Excited to see our steps rise after gym class @WyevaleP #scdsbStepUp

Make math your path. Stepping it up with pedometers in grd3 with Ms Trick. #SCDSBStepUp #scdsbmath 27,398 steps total, “no mode in our data”

Wore our pedometers for gym and recess and got 61094 steps. @WillowLandingES #scdsbSTEPUp

This week, we took 27,587 steps with our new #pedometers. Still working out some kinks, but we’re a class of happy steppers #SCDSBStepUp

After a month of tracking steps, participating staff @AGESGryphons took 260,0931 steps! #SCDSBStepUp

Stay tuned for more updates on the Pedometer Project. We can’t wait to see where our students will ‘go’ next!

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