Commit to Character: Integrity

The SCDSB’s 10 values are a key part of our commitment to character education. We refer to our values as our character attributes. Each month our schools recognize and celebrate a different attribute. This month on the blog, we are highlighting ‘integrity’.

Integrity: We act justly and honourably in all that we do.

Some examples of how we can show integrity are:

  • if you see somebody drop something, return it to them
  • do the right thing, even if nobody’s watching
  • if you forget to pay for something, go back and pay for it
  • don’t cheat

Some ways that students in our schools learn about and develop integrity include:

  • creating role playing scenarios that demonstrate integrity
  • discussing the importance of integrity and the things that can make it difficult to consistently demonstrate this important character trait

“Never consider anything an advantage that will make you break your word.” – Marcus Aurelius Antonuis

Learn more about character education in the SCDSB. 

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