Kindergarten: what your child needs on the first day

Summer has just begun, but many parents of soon-to-be Junior Kindergarten students are beginning to think about the first day of school. Here are some ideas on what to purchase and pack, and what you can do now with your child to get ready for the big day!

If your child is turning four in 2016 and you haven’t registered them for school yet, visit and watch our Kindergarten in the SCDSB video.

Infographic identifying tips and ideas for preparing for Kindergarten


One thought on “Kindergarten: what your child needs on the first day

  1. I love you included a visual of what things would be best for a kindergartner’s first day of school! Our first child is starting kindergarten soon, and my wife is getting really anxious about what to send him to school with. I will have to show her this post and hope it calms her fears. I know he’ll be just fine in school, but we are just a little excited and anxious for the first day to come.

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