Grade 5 to 8 girls at Hillcrest are ‘on the move’


That is the chant that 33 girls from Grade 5 to 8 at Hillcrest Public School chanted as they gathered twice weekly to train for a five kilometre run, held on June 15. By committing to the run, these Girls on the Move made a decision to push themselves to do something they hadn’t done before. The pushed themselves to run harder and faster, and came out stronger.

The practices included runs throughout the Hillcrest community, co-operative games  and the occasional stop to play at a park, building camaraderie and team support. There was no competition within this club, no winners and no losers. They supported each other the whole way, whether they were experienced runners and athletes or girls who had never run or been on a “team” before.

The Girls on the Move also made a choice to give back to their community. They collected and donated 24 gift bags full of health and beauty supplies for the Elizabeth Fry Society and delivered them as part of one of their training runs.

We are proud of their spirit and admire their determination!

Thanks to Coach Shelley Rose for sharing their story and photos, and to Stacey Saucier and Lesley Fowler for coaching as well!

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