Stories of Simcoe: Jake and Kathy

Meet Jake and his mom, Kathy.

Jake is a Grade 12 student at Nottawasaga Pines Secondary School, and Kathy is the co-op department chair there. He is an elite-level baseball player who was recently drafted by the Boston Red Sox. Earlier this year, he received a scholarship to Bowling Green State University, leaving him with a big decision to make.

Jake, his mom and the rest of his family place a lot of value on goal setting and commitment.

Kathy says,

We’ve always told our boys that no goal is impossible. Work hard, and you’ll achieve your goal. Jake has goals in life. Since he was little, he has always worked for and achieved those goals. His goals were to play elite ball, to make the Tournament 12 team (which he did last year), to get a scholarship and to be drafted. He has one goal left – to play for Team Canada.

Not only is Jake a successful athlete, he is a dedicated student who has committed to his education as well. He is a student in the Specialist High Skills Majors Health and Wellness program. He says, “It has opened my eyes to different paths I could take.”

If Jake accepts the scholarship at Bowling Green, he will be studying sports medicine and athletic training. “I have had to make sacrifices to be where I am today. I don’t always get to hang out with my friends or go to the movies. The nights that I am free, I need to stay home and focus on school work.”

Jake recognizes that although he has had to commit and sacrifice to achieve what he has, he could not have done it alone. He speaks highly of his parents and coaches, and their contributions to his success.

“My parents have sacrificed their time and their money for me. I’m so appreciative of what they’ve done for me so far, and what they continue to do. They enjoy what I do, and I enjoy what they do for me. One coach that really helped me is Doug McKeen. He opened my eyes to the mental part of baseball, and how important it is to have your mental game under control.”

Jake has an important message to share with kids who have their own dreams and aspirations.

Nothing is impossible. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. If you work hard, you gain confidence and you can prove that you can do what you believe in. No matter where you’re from, you can achieve whatever you want if you make sacrifices and are willing to put in the work.

Congratulations, Jake. We wish you the best of luck, whatever path you choose!

Learn more about Jake in this article from the Canadian Baseball Network.


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