Stories of Simcoe: Darlene


Meet Darlene.

Darlene is an office assistant at Nantyr Shores. She lost her twin brother David eight years ago.

Since then, she’s struggled with depression. The journey has affected her, as well as her family, friends and co-workers.

Darlene copes by writing in her journal and talking to others who share similar experiences. When asked if she had any advice for people suffering from depression or loss, she said communication is key.

Darlene has found love and support from the people in her life. This has made a world of difference. Her family and co-workers continue to stand by her side. She loves her job, the staff and students at her school, and being around these people brightens her day. Darlene still has bad days, but she feels she is on her way to a better tomorrow.

“Sometimes we just need to step back, accept what is and concentrate on tomorrow being a better day. We need to allow for those setbacks without the guilt because it is an illness. An invisible one to others but it is always there. Some are lucky and experience it for a short time. Some the rest of their lives. It is about living through that and I am trying so very hard. I just wish it wasn’t such a battle. Writing about it helps. I have always been better at writing my thoughts than speaking them. I have just never done it alone. I was born a ‘we’ and I am learning to live and find ‘me’.”

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  1. Samantha

    I’m a student at nantyr shores and every time I walk into guidance Darlene makes my day! She is such a happy nice person! One of my favourite teachers in the school!

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