Dabble: Paper roll bird feeder

In the spirit of Earth Day, what better activity to do with your child than this DIY paper roll bird feeder? It’s super easy and quick!

Here’s what you need:

  • paper roll (toilet paper, paper towel)
  • bird seed
  • peanut butter or honey
  • spatula for spreading


  1. Cover the paper roll in peanut butter (or honey) entirely.
  2. Pour bird seeds on a dish and roll the paper roll in the seeds.
  3. Hang your new bird feeder on a nearby branch and watch the birds enjoy your creation.

Not only was this a fun little project to make with my son, but it also led to a natural learning inquiry. We explored the different colours, shapes and sizes of the seeds, and we talked about why some sank in water and why others didn’t.

Try it out! Share photos of your creation on Twitter using #dabble. Don’t forget to tag @SCDSB_Schools.

~ Jamie Campbell, Communications Officer, SCDSB

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