SCDSB schools Shave for the Brave

By Jordan Merkley – Communications Intern

Shave for the Brave is run by YACC, and helps young adults in Canada deal with cancer through supportive and informative programs.

Young Adult Cancer Canada’s (YACC) mission is to support young adults as they move through and beyond cancer. The Shave for the Brave fundraiser makes this possible by funding programs such as The Big Cancer Hook-up, Localife, Retreat Yourself, and Survivor Conference, to name a few.

Two of our schools, W.H. Day E.S. and Goodfellow P.S., hosted their Shave for the Brave events on April 8, 2016, and were the top two fundraising schools in the country.

Students, staff and parents participated by raising money, donating their hair, and shaving their heads to raise awareness.

Some were even shaving in honor of someone special.

Collectively raising over $40,000, these schools showed dedication and spirit for the cause.

Other schools, communities, teams and individuals across the country also held events and fund raised to support YACC.

Events and fundraising for the 11th annual Shave for the Brave keep going strong across Canada as the support continues for young adults fighting cancer. Congratulations to all staff, students and community members that have participated!

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