A student’s perspective: Equity in Action 2016

For the past 5 years, SCDSB staff and students have participated in the Equity in Action Student Symposium, an event that engages and empowers students through inspirational speakers and interactive workshops. This year, we had the help of a lovely student in planning and setting up the event. This is his experience:

I feel as though my experience at the Equity in Action conference was overwhelmingly positive. I thoroughly enjoyed attending two of the many workshops, getting a chance to speak informally at the end and the overall atmosphere and feeling of the conference was positive, up-lifting and friendly!

I enjoyed conversing with like-minded students and helping out to make the conference a success was very fulfilling and rewarding. The conference was organized effectively and everything was pulled off without a problem! Everyone there was kind and positive in how they conducted themselves, contributing to the warm atmosphere.

Equity in action - students with hands raised

I loved the keynote speakers, and the workshop organizers worked hard to make the day fun and engaging, and I feel they did a very good job. I helped out by putting up posters for some of them, directing people on where their rooms and workshops were, carrying things for people, and the clean up after the fact.

I learned a lot about myself as a leader! I realized that I could pretty much do anything I set my mind to, and activities like these are highly rewarding and fun! I would love to attend another year, or attend a similar event. These are rewarding and a good way to spend time with and help others.

Overall, I feel the event was very successful, and had a great time.

  • Alex Ord

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