What’s a Leap Year, anyway?

With 2016 being a Leap Year, and Leap Day (Feb. 29) fast approaching it got us thinking – what is a Leap Year, anyway?

Before we gathered the facts, we went straight to our students to find out what they thought.

Grade 1 students tell us what they think a Leap Year is

While a Leap Year might not be as fun as a frog or as exciting as a sporting event, it is a year that contains one additional day to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year. Check out these facts about Leap Years:

What you need to know about Leap Years

We made a list of 4 fun activities to do with your family and friends on Leap Day. Share photos of your Leap Day activities with us on Twitter (@SCDSB_Schools) and Instagram (@scdsb).

  1. Get creative in the kitchen with these Leap Day frog apple and grape snacks.
  2. Play a game. Might we suggest leap frog?
  3. Get crafty! Use recycled materials from your home and try your hand at making these adorable origami frogs and then have a frog race.
  4. Make a list. Write down four things you hope to do before 2020 (the next Leap Year). Share your list with your family and friends.

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