10 fun ways to get kids reading

Finding time after a work day to help your child with learning can be challenging. But building literacy skills as a family can be done in only 15 minutes a day! Children are exposed to a culture of lifelong learning and it helps families spend more quality time together.

Here are 10 ways to practice and build literacy skills at home—and they’re fun!

  1. Invite children to email their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins
    Instead of Skyping, try writing! Younger children can dictate and you type, then read back to them.
    Make reading fun!
  2. Make your kitchen part of your “reading zone”
    Have fridge magnets available so children can start making words and short sentences.
  3. Go for a walk as a family and read the street signs
    Think of a city or country that begins with the same first letter as the sign to further the learning.
  4. For long car rides, bring along books in various forms
    Pack some favourite stories or explore audio books and e-books from your public library.
  5. Sing a song
    Singing encourages learning patterns of words, rhymes and rhythms, and is strongly connected to language skills.
  6. Public libraries today are worlds to explore – try to visit regularly
    Your local library has great resources – books, computer games, DVDs, CDs, magazines, newspapers and digital resources. There are also terrific in-house programs such as reading circles for little ones and homework clubs for older children.
  7. Use games as learning tools
    Board games or card games such as word bingo, Scrabble or memory cards can be a fun way to learn about words, letter sounds and reading.
  8. Talk about a story after reading it and ask questions
    This will reinforce comprehension and memory skills and only takes a few minutes.
  9. Create scrapbooks with your children about their hobbies, vacations, etc.
    Include photos with captions or short stories and recycle/upcycle scrap material you find around the house to decorate the book.
  10. Be a reading role model
    When your kids see you reading, they will want to imitate you. It won’t be long until they learn that reading is fun, interesting and a “grown up” thing to do.


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