Summer is almost here! 12 tips to keep your kids reading, writing and learning over the school break

Here are some great ways to keep your family reading and writing over the summer break! These tips were compiled by our SCDSB Teacher-Librarians.

  1. Visit your local public library and participate in summer reading programs or activities they may offer (for example, the Barrie Public Library has Readopoly and the Orillia Public Library has a summer reading club). Sign up for online resources – download the Overdrive app and your child can access ebooks and audiobooks directly on tablets and devices. All you need is a free library card and you never have overdue charges as the books are automatically checked in.
  2. Ask your child to help create the weekly grocery and shopping lists
  3. Have your child write thank-you notes to friends and family to acknowledge gifts received, for sleepovers and visits.
  4. Ask your child to brainstorm potential summer activities in the form of a summer bucket list.
  5. Have paper, crayons, pencils and art supplies in a place kids can get to … or stumble upon.
  6. Read aloud to your child! Talk about what you read and what your child reads — your experience helps your child better understand what they read. It’s a great way to spend time together and it helps them become better readers.
  7. Be a reader yourself – make time to read in front of your child to show how daily reading is important.
  8. Allow your child choice in what they like to read (comics, graphic novels, non-fiction, fiction, magazines). Big B Comics in Barrie gives out free comic books for report card improvement! Purchase new or used books by checking out local stores and garage sales.
  9. Encourage book clubs with other family members or friends and trade well-enjoyed books.
  10. Take photos of yourself and your family reading in a variety of locations and create a  summer scrapbook project.
  11. Ensure books are easily accessible…on the coffee table, kitchen counter, in the car and on bedroom night tables. Add a reading lamp beside your child’s bed to encourage night time reading!
  12. Long summer road trip ahead? Listen to an audio book together (check out Common Sense Media’s list) in the car…or break the book up into chunks for a few shorter trips.

Great websites to visit for more summer reading ideas:

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