Tips to support your child/teen’s mental health

Today is World Mental Health Day. Student well-being is critical to student success. When students are preoccupied with emotional concerns, they cannot participate fully in learning.

Here are some tips to help support your child or teen’s mental health:

  • encourage healthy eating and sleeping habits
  • help your child/teen create a schedule
  • offer to help your child/teen prioritize assignments
  • be available to listen to your child/teen when they need to talk
  • avoid making judgments

If you feel your child or teen may need additional support, start by contacting your family doctor. Contact the school as well to make staff aware of your concerns. School staff will also contact parents if they’re concerned about students. Schools and parents need to work as a team to support students.

Online resources

We have more information on student mental health and well-being on our website. On this page, you’ll find more tips, resources and community contacts—including the 24-hour mental health crisis line.

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