We really are better together

I’m a grandma now, so I no longer have the flurry of getting children ready for the first day of school, but I still have anticipation.

Kathi Wallace school photo
Kathi (right) and her twin sister Debbie on the first day of school

It’s the same anticipation I’ve felt throughout my career as an educator. It must be because I love my job.

I know this is a sentiment many, many of my colleagues across the Simcoe County District School Board share.

We have various roles, but we all have a common purpose—our students. They’re our priority.

And we share that priority with so many of our community partners, and, of course, our students’ families.

We’re a team in Simcoe County. We understand that there’s nothing more important than creating the conditions needed to help our young people succeed. Their success is an indicator of our success as a community—as people.

We’re better together.

When we work together as a team, support each other, and remain positive, we can make great things happen.

When I met with our principals, vice-principals and managers last Wednesday morning, I shared an African proverb I really enjoy. It says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We want to go far. We want our students to go far. So let’s make it happen… together.

Best wishes for a wonderful school year.

Kathi Wallace is the Simcoe County District School Board’s Director of Education.


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