Co-op placement helps set career goals

Donna Thompson and Brett Lorion

Brett Lorion completed his co-op at Rogers TV in Collingwood. He worked on the technology side of production, with a focus on audio, and said he enjoyed learning about this area and hopes to make a career out of it.

At the end of his placement, Rogers TV did an interview with him about his time at the studio.

“I learned how to use the audio board and eventually did it myself,” he said during the interview. “I loved working with the musicians that came in—I’m a musician myself, and I love setting up with them, talking to them and knowing what their experiences are like and what steps they had to take to get to this spot.”

Brett said that he enjoyed his placement, learned many new skills in areas he was interested in, and he made some great connections in the industry.

“The people here at Rogers have been so welcoming.If anybody had a chance to volunteer here, get on it right away—the people could use you, and they are so welcoming it’s like you’re a part of the family. I’ve never had a bigger family than when I come here!”

Brett plans to put his audio skills he gained at Rogers to use working in music production.

Brett didn’t make it to his commencement celebrations, so his co-op teacher Donna Thompson brought commencement to him! Check out the video below to watch Brett talk about his placement and get his diploma.

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