Looking for ways to keep your child learning over the summer? Check out these tips

????????????????????????School’s out for the next two months. It’s a great time for students to unwind and have some fun, and learning can continue too.

Making learning fun is the key to fostering a love of learning, even while away from school. There are many ways for parents to inspire learning at home, on the road and at the cottage or campsite this summer. It’s all about incorporating learning into daily life.

Here are some ideas:

  • Take the time to thoroughly explore your child’s current main interest. Take a trip to your local library or do some searching online to find out more about their favourite subject or topic that they want to learn more about.
  • Taking a trip? Think beyond the DVD player to keep your kids occupied in the car. Check out audio books from your local library or find child-friendly podcasts. Travelling to a new city or town is also a good opportunity to visit local museums, historical sites or science attractions.
  • Have theme nights at home. Cook a meal together and learn about the culture the food comes from. Ask your kids to research the culture and recipe, and talk about it over dinner. Or, go to the local farmers’ market together to learn about farming and local foods.
  • If you have a garden or belong to a community garden, get children involved in planting, harvesting and preparing the food. If you have a balcony, fill a couple of pots with soil and plant flowers or vegetables. Or fill an inexpensive window box with herbs or flowers.
  • On rainy days, bring out the arts and craft projects! Special treasures can be made from things found in your household – egg cartons, glue, crayons, etc. Getting crafty stimulates the brain and develops artistic creativity.
  • Keep up bedtime reading sessions. Your child craves routine (yes, even in summer), and reading together is a commitment that you should keep up year-round. Take this time to delve into longer adventures or series that might be too daunting during the school year.
  • Encourage your child to extend their writing skills by keeping a nature, travel or reading journal. They can write about the places they see on family vacations, create a scrapbook with photos, record nature walks and things they see, or keep a log of good books they have read.
  • Get outside and play! Free play helps to stimulate the imagination and provides opportunities to develop self-regulation skills. Let your children see you playing too—play isn’t just for kids.

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