Curious about different pathways after high school? March Break a great time to check out post-secondary options

It’s a big question: What will you do after high school?

It can be daunting and a source of a lot of stress. But, that’s what we’re here for as guidance counsellors—to guide you as you make your way through high school, to help you with those big (and the little) questions, and to help you choose the post-secondary path to help you get to your goals.

That’s where this blog comes in—it’s another avenue where I can answer your questions (and please feel free to email if you have a topic you’d like for me to cover in this blog—I’m at

The question—what will you do after high school—has many answers. But for some, the answer is to go on to a post-secondary school. This, of course, leads to another big question: Which one?

March Break is a terrific time for students to visit colleges and universities that they are curious about in order to help them plan for life after graduation.

Many schools offer March Break open houses to give prospective students the opportunity to speak with staff and faculty, learn more about co-op and residence living and participate in information sessions about admissions, financial aid, athletics, student services and more. Some schools provide information about options for studying abroad during a particular diploma or degree program, and most schools will also have student volunteers available to take potential students on guided tours of the campus.

Exploring an open house is a great way for applicants to see themselves on campus.

Questions to ask when visiting potential post-secondary schools

I often encourage students to use their answers to the following questions when making their decision about where to go after graduation:

  • How do you feel during a school visit?
  • Does the campus size seem like a good fit?
  • Do you feel comfortable in the overall environment?

March Break open houses aren’t just for students in their final year of high school. Any student who has an interest in planning their future and exploring post-secondary options can benefit from these events.

Visiting a campus may even turn out to be the catalyst that gets a student excited to start developing a plan or pursuing a program that they may not have previously considered.

Booking your visit
To get information about dates, times and registration for open houses over the March Break, visit the college and/or university website and look for a “Visits and Tours” or “Events/Contact” link. Some schools will even promote their campus tour information on Facebook. The website offers a one-stop-shop for university campus visits.

Check out the Contact the Colleges page at for a list of colleges in Ontario. These pages will often include information about driving directions, campus maps, and in some cases even links to hotels in the area, as well as general school contact information.

In the event that no structured programming is being offered at one of the schools you are interested in, you can still call the Admissions Office or Registrar to book a visit.

Sample links showcasing March Break programs include:

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