Using social media in the Forest of Reading

The Forest of Reading is made up of wonderful programs that promote great new Canadian literature and authors. This year, some Intermediate students will be engaging in the use of social media to discuss the books being read in the Red Maple program. Students will have the opportunity to use edublogs to write about the books they have read, and use Twitter (if over age 13) to share their blogs and comments about the books.

Twitter can be a very safe tool if set up and used properly. This is a great environment for students to connect with other students to share ideas while building literacy skills.

Integrating social media into the Forest of Reading can:

  • increase literacy skills
  • promote student engagement
  • cultivate student voice
  • engage students in digital citizenship development
  • foster collaboration with other students reading the same books or authors
  • integrate technology to build knowledge and share a love of books, reading and Canadian literature!

Between now and the time of the official vote for Forest of Reading programs in April, students will have opportunities to create blog posts about the books, characters, content and reflections that they have, and then tweet them to the #hashtag of that book. Other students in Simcoe County and Ontario who follow that hashtag can comment on blog posts, retweet and send comments via Twitter.

Students must be over the age of 13 to have their own Twitter account. However, teachers can also run classroom or club Twitter accounts.

Check out for more information and ideas about connecting through social media.

The Twitter account to follow is: @SCDSBforest

We look forward to engaging with students in Simcoe County and beyond to promote a love of reading with the Forest of Reading. Come join us online!

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