Literacy-based activities families can do together

Yesterday was Family Literacy Day — a day set aside to raise awareness of the importance of reading together as a family.

readingBut, literacy is about more than reading. Literacy is telling oral stories, reading recipes, acting out plays and sharing information about your ancestors and past, among many other things. Literacy is about life, and when we share our culture, ideas, books and creations together, this builds strong relationships, self-esteem and enhances literacy skills for the future!

As you may already know, reading together is a great way to bond as a family and learn together.

Here are some great literacy-based activities that you can do as a family, every day of the year:

  1. Snuggle up and read together.
  2. Bake together and help your child read the recipe.
  3. If you are at home together on a snowday or a weekend, build a fort together! Set it up with nice cushions, take what you baked inside and read books together.
  4. If you have an iPad, tryout Writing Prompts for Kids! Use the app to choose a situation, character, setting and object. Then use this information to create a story together. Either make it up orally, record it or write it down.
  5. Read together from a joke book.
  6. Play a board game together.
  7. Write a note or a card to someone special.
  8. Oral storytelling is a very important part of First Nations, Métis and Inuit cultures. It is also an important skill for literacy. Family storytelling is a great way to connect your family in meaningful ways. Tell each other stories about your family, the past, things you have learned or even funny stories.
  9. Create a family tree. Let your child learn about the generations of people that exist in your family.
  10. Listen to stories together being read on the radio, or from podcasts.
  11. Dress up together and act out your own stories! Use your imagination or re-enact a story you love.

The list does not have to stop there – what is important is that you are engaged in literacy!

Children grow up so quickly. Moments together are precious and will have lifelong effects for your children. Literacy builds self-esteem, relationships and knowledge to last a lifetime.

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