Sports Day in Canada promotes physical fitness and movement

rbc-sports-day-logo-lg-enPick up a stick, go for a run, throw or kick a ball—whatever sport or activity you find fun, go out and do it on November 30: Sports Day in Canada.

Sports Day in Canada is a national event recognizing sports participation at all levels—from absolute beginner to the pros. This is a relatively new event, along the lines of the popular Hockey Day in Canada but with a much broader focus.

Our schools were provided tool kits to organize events that promote participation in sport activities from the recreational level to events for high-performance athletes. And while it is difficult to schedule additional events into the existing school sport schedule, the goal is to join in the momentum of a Canada-wide program.

One exciting element of this program is Jersey Day on Friday, November 29. This is a national day to show your affiliation to any sport by wearing a sports jersey to work, school or for play. This could be a local team, a school jersey or any other team that you support.

The value of promoting participation in any and all sport is priceless. Sport provides the opportunity to develop many characteristics that contribute to enhanced personal wellness. The camaraderie, perseverance and self-esteem that are a direct result of sport involvement help not only in maintaining physical fitness, but also in making better Canadian citizens. Indeed, with the recent commitment of business leaders promoting physical activity in schools, this program can become a focus at any age or skill level.

So whether you are a Marauder, Spartan, Wildcat, Viking, Fighting Owl, Kodiak, Buccaneer, Screaming Eagle, Triton, Thunderbird, Timberwolf, Invader or a Phoenix rising, please take a moment to celebrate the power of sport and the importance of participating at whatever level you choose. Wear your jerseys with pride!

Kelly Breedon-Elliott is the Centralized Athletics Coordinator and Chair of the Simcoe County Athletic Association (SCAA), and a regular contributor to Sharing Simcoe. Read her bio here.

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