Leaving our mark in the community

op food driveThere are many ways to leave our mark in the world. Being a positive influence and role model often starts with acts that require empathy, initiative and goal setting. These acts reflect both SCDSB’s Character Education themes as well as key learning skills on the Ontario Report Card. What better way to teach students about being an agent of change and making a positive difference than to give back to the community that we live in (and to which our schools belong)?

By raising money for cancer research through the Terry Fox Run and Marathon of Hope campaign, we educate our students about having a goal, daring to dream and persevering through adversity to make a difference in the world.

By collecting items for a food drive, we focus on the importance of empathizing and teaching our students the value of giving to make a difference in their communities.

By participating in activities like Girls on the Run, we join our students in building strong bodies, healthy minds and enhanced self-esteem to make a difference in ourselves and for our future leaders and community members.

Goodwill is all around us – and inside of each of us. Through the events taking place in our schools and communities right now we are, indeed, leaving our mark in our communities and the world!

As a school board, let’s see how big a mark we can make in Simcoe County!

For information on agencies in Simcoe County, visit Community Connections.

Neil Finney is a teacher at Orchard Park Public School and a regular contributor to Sharing Simcoe. Read his bio here.

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