Let’s think about our impact

Guest post from Kathi Wallace, Director of Education

WTDOn Oct. 5 every year, we celebrate World Teachers’ Day. This day is meant to shine a light on the absolutely fundamental role of the teaching profession. In Canada, teachers are respected and valued, but this isn’t the case all parts of the world.

The 2013 international theme for World Teachers’ Day is A call for teachers. It acknowledges that teachers are a “force for equity, access and quality education”.

“Quality education offers hope and the promise of a better standard of living. There is no stronger foundation for lasting peace and sustainable development than a quality education provided by well trained, valued, supported and motivated teachers.” – UNESCO

World Teachers’ Day is an opportunity to take a moment to remember and reflect on the teachers who have influenced us throughout our lives. It’s also a chance to say thank you to the teachers we know—and to remind them of their value and impact.

Whether we teach, or support the work of teachers, we have made a commitment to support our students and our communities. I’m inspired by the collaboration and innovation happening in our school system, and look forward to continuing our journey together.


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