Exciting changes in secondary school sports

d fenseI am looking forward to the start of the 2013-14 school sports year. While last year had many challenges and missed opportunities, 2013 promises to be exciting! I encourage all students to be active in their school, whether it be in sports or in other extra-curricular activities. Schools offer such a wide-range of activities, and there is something of interest for everyone.

Fall sports will begin with meetings and practices within the first few days of school. Students, especially those in Grade 9, should be listening in the announcements for startup information.

Not every school offers every sport, but there are teams for you to be a part of at your school.

Fall team sports options are:

  • Girls’ basketball (boys’ basketball is in winter)
  • Girls’ flag football
  • Boys’ football
  • Boys’ and girls’ soccer
  • Boys’ and girls’ volleyball

Fall individual sports options for both boys and girls are: cross country running, golf and tennis.

Check with the school athletic director to see what is offered in your school (they are usually found in or around the gym in your school).

High school sports have a complex organizational structure. Schools compete with similar-sized opponents. Schools are classified as follows:

Schools with 500 students or less are A level
Schools with 501-900 students are AA
Schools with 901-1250 students are AAA
Schools with 1251 students or more are AAAA

The Simcoe County Athletics Association (SCAA) has 29 member schools encompassing 4 school boards and 2 independent private schools. Once the fall season begins, there are between 50 and 125 games or events happen each week. This structure allows our student athletes many opportunities to showcase their skills, demonstrate leadership and establish good sportsmanship. The results can be seen at any school, on any given day: awesome games, development of school spirit and a pursuit of excellence in sport.

The most noticeable (and exciting) change for 2013 is the creation of the Simcoe County Championships. This is a brand new format which will emphasize local competition. Teams in basketball, flag football, hockey, soccer and volleyball will play in their classification (A, AA, AAA or AAAA) to determine a Simcoe County Champion. This is a new local-level event that will lead the winner into the Georgian Bay Secondary Schools Association (GBSSA) final game. I will write more about this exciting championship in a future blog post.

You can keep track of schedules and progress on the SCAA Secondary Athletics Webpage. Schedules will begin for most fall sports during the week of September 16.  I hope to see you, or hear of your sporting efforts, on the fields, trails or in the gym soon!

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Kelly Breedon-Elliott is the Centralized Athletics Coordinator and Chair of the Simcoe County Athletic Association (SCAA), and a regular contributor to Sharing Simcoe. Read her bio here.

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    A great read, Kelly. I know your work behind the scenes has helped me out on more than one occasion. If every coach knew the work you put into organizing and maintaining scores/schedules/standings, they would thank you.

    I know I do!

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