Magic kisses & other tips for back-to-school time

Back-to-school time means early alarms, busy breakfasts and bustling bus stops—it’s fast, fun, but sometimes frantic. Planning ahead and staying positive can help make the first day, week and month great. Here are some tips:

Start the routine now

If your child has been staying up later during the summer break, start the routine of going to bed early and waking up in time for school. This will help ensure a smooth morning on the first day.

Be supportive

Some children feel a mix of nerves and excitement about heading back to school. Listen to your child and provide support. Show your child a photo of you on a first day of school and talk about your own experiences. Remind your child about all the caring people at his or her school. Tell your child, “I’m confident in you.” Talk about a time when your child overcame anxiety.

Get excited while prepping together

Pick a first-day-of-school outfit together, shop for lunch ingredients and plan the lunch menu for the week. Involving your child in the back-to-school planning can help to generate some excitement. During these activities, talk about the great things about school—like seeing and making friends, the new staff members your child will meet, the sports and activities, and the interesting things he or she will learn throughout the year.

Magic Kiss

Create a unique ritual, like giving your young child a magic kiss when saying goodbye

Special rituals are memorable, fun and comforting. Here are some ideas:

  • When saying goodbye on the first day, give your young child a ‘magic’ kiss on his or her hand. Magic kisses don’t wash off and can be used whenever your child feels lonely or misses you.
  • Include a special note in your child’s lunch box.

Plan a special dinner for the first day

Consider making your child’s favourite dish—or, make dinner together. Make time to talk about the day. Ask questions that require more-than-one-word answers, like:

  • Tell me about someone new you met today.
  • Can you describe your teacher to me?
  • Tell me about something you learned today.

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