Welcome to the new Sharing Simcoe

Sharing Simcoe was originally created as a newsletter to help tell the stories of the Simcoe County District School Board. There are many stories to share! We want to tell more stories and reach more people, so we’ve transitioned Sharing Simcoe from a print and PDF newsletter to a blog.

The Communications Team will continue to write for Sharing Simcoe, but we’ll be joined by bloggers from across our system who will help us tell the stories of the SCDSB. In addition to sharing some of the many magical moments that happen in schools every day, we will provide tips and advice from our own experts, as well as the experts we work with across the county.

Plus, we want you to be part of the new Sharing Simcoe. Comments are open on the blog so you can join in, make suggestions and add to the posts. This blog is meant to be a platform for positive conversation and idea sharing, so if you choose to participate, we ask that you be respectful of our school board community. Read our social media disclaimer.

Share your thoughts!

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